David M. Rothman

Artist's Statement

Drawing has been my joy (but not my only one) for longer than I can remember. Since my teens I’ve been drawing cartoons and sketches of family, friends, teachers, colleagues and people lounging around airports.

On reaching “middle age” I began seriously studying portrait oil painting. An enjoyable benefit has been portrait painting grand children. One needs to see and understand that a child is a person, not a cute and cuddly cupid. Recently I began to also paint landscapes, seascapes, natures gifts, and “scapes” created by humans, in oils and watercolors.

This work revealed that whatever one paints it is about painting a portrait, and the art is in discovering the uniqueness, character, beauty, and love (or wickedness), and meaning in our world.

Publications, Awards, Shows

The Glass Menagerie, drawings of the faculty of the Law School of the University of Chicago, 1962, published by the Law Student Association.

Received awards for drawing of the California Supreme Court in Session, 1963, and oil portrait of Moe, 1994, California State Bar Art Exhibit.

Studied oil portrait painting with portrait painter Stephen W. Douglas, late 1980s to 2012.

Continuing studies with painter Larry Robinson.

Solo Exhibit of oil paintings in Los Angeles, October and November 2011, including portraits on “The Zeal for Good.”

Participant in East Bay Open Studios 2015, PRO ARTS.

Author of the California Judicial Conduct Handbook, now in 3rd Edition, published by California Judges Foundation, California Judges Association and Thomson-West.Born in Milwaukee – 1937, residing in Berkeley near 

Bernard Jefferson Award 2013.

B.E. Witkin Award 2013.

Personal, Professional

BA University of California, Los Angeles, 1959.
JD Law School of the University of Chicago, 1962.

Public and private practice of law, 1963-1976.
Judge of the Los Angeles Municipal and Superior Courts, 1976-1996.

Taught and wrote on on judicial conduct and ethics in variety of programs for 35 years.


Acquiring a painting: If you'r interested in purchasing a painting , write David at the email address below.

Commissions: Available for commissions.

Email address: rothman.davidm@gmail.com